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Don't let code fears stifle your ideas. Start a new business with innovative AI apps effortlessly and launch instantly on your own domain.
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Utilize endless AI options to diversify your business income streams. Improve your existing business and establish new revenue streams.
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Stay ahead in the digital race with AI-powered services. Reach more people, meet market trends, and future-proof your business.
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In any industry—consulting, marketing, sales or any other—create custom AI apps trained by you. Turn your ideas into functional apps, giving your business a competitive edge.

Define user inputs using our
Form Tool...

The Form tool allows you to define specific user input fields that feed into GPT-4 prompts. Not a one-size-fits-all. but a unique interaction tailored to each user providing a more personalized user experience.

...or train a Chatbot using your knowledge Base

The Chat tool enables users to have two-way conversations with the Al. By feeding it context or knowledge, the Al can serve as an expert assistant interacting with your users within your application.


Create your First Tool

Get started by setting up your tool. Give it a name, describe its purpose, and guide its behavior with tailored prompts or a knowledge base.

Create unlimited number of both Chat and Form tools within your App.


Customize Branding

Upload your logo to add that personal touch, choose a theme that feels right, and select colors that align with your brand's identity.

It's all about making it fit seamlessly into your vision


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Unlock the true potential of your brand by seamlessly publishing App on your own domain.

With a straightforward process, you can amplify your brand's online presence, ensuring that your AI app stands out with a distinct identity.


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Turning your visionary ideas into reality has never been this simple. Introduce your AI app to the world, ensuring a consistent and top-notch user experience across all devices.

For added flexibility, you can also embed your chat and form tools on any website or platform separately from your new App.

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why appcraft?

AppCraft is your low-cost ticket to creating a game-changing source of income.  Easy to use, minimal investment, maximum returns. Start now, thank yourself later.


Avg. development cost

Employing a development team to build an AI app requires substantial investment, especially when you're still refining your concept



For a set monthly cost, you have the freedom to create and maintain your app, ensuring budget-friendly flexibility in your business investments.

3 months

AVG. development wAIT TIME

On average, you could expect a development timeline exceeding three months, a duration in which the fast-paced world of AI can experience numerous shifts

3 hours

Time to create your ai app with appcraft

It's no exaggeration—within just a few hours, you can have a fully functional app, equipped with a payment system and ready for market launch.

The end result?

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frequently asked questions

Do you have a free trial?

Absolutely, you can test-drive Appcraft with a 7-day free trial—no credit card information required. Decide after a week if our platform is right for you.

Who owns the IP of the created App?

Rest assured, everything you create—from prompts and tools to results and your user base—is solely yours. We offer a secure platform for you to build your app, without laying any claims to your intellectual property. Think of us as WordPress for AI Apps.

Do I need my own OpenAI API key?

Indeed, to ensure maximum security and to give you full flexibility, we ask you to connect your own OpenAI API key. During your free trial, however, you'll have a few test runs with our API key to get you started.

Can I connect other LLM's?

As of now, we exclusively support OpenAI's GPT models, but stay tuned! We're actively working to include support for other Large Language Models in the near future.